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resolved Black/Night textures in EU England

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I just did a clean install of Prepar3d 4.5

Then I downloaded and installed EU England (via FTX central), and the whole England map is covered in black textures. To be more precise, I think they are night lit textures as opposed to black.

There is no mention of any other software requirement when I purchased the England scenery so I'm not sure why it's happening. I have no other scenery installed yet, and the 4 Orbx EU England scenery files are installed in their default location at the top of the list in the scenery library - 5 Scenery, 6 CVX, 7 Mesh, 8 Custom .


Can anyone please help with this.





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I'm bemused, and I'm not sure it's worth the hassle to be honest.


I eventually found some Orbx libraries (installable via FTX Central), though there is no mention that this is needed.

I installed it and the black holes disappeared, from the England scenery at least.

But instead there were the same black holes at various airports all over the world.


It seems I can have Orbx England scenery without holes, or the rest of the world airports without holes, but not both.


I can't work out if it's an elevation problem, or a scenery problem, but it was a clean install of Prepar3d 4.5 that I was installing into, so I expected it to be straightforward.


Sadly I also bought Southern California scenery, but I haven't got round to checking if that causes the same issues. Right now I'm just relieved that I've managed to delete/uninstall the orbx scenery/FTX etc and have my default world back without any holes.




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Hi, welcome to the forums


Please first apply the below basics.


Ensure the Orbx Libs are installed and up to date. (is there a blue notification above the settings button in FTXC3?)

Ensure all of your 3rd party non Orbx addons are at the top of your scenery library and above your FTX entries.

Then in FTX Central 3 Insertion points, move "FTX entries should be inserted below"  just below your last 3rd party addon.

Then move the "openLC entries should be inserted below"  just below your FTX entries. and click "Save".




Then run the "Force Migration" option in FTXC3 settings.


Then, if you have Vector installed, there is a Vector control panel access button at the bottom of the FTXC3 settings page. When you open it you can select the amount of road coverage etc, be sure to uncheck the "Frozen Surface (in winter only)"option, and check the Australia Add-Ons under the “Settings” tab, then go to the Airport Elevation Correction (AEC tool) tab and run the auto configuration process and be sure to click on "Appy" when it is done scanning.

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Hi Doug,

thank you for replying, I do appreciate it, but I am not even sure what library if any, I am supposed to be installing.

There are no prerequisites listed when EU England is purchased, so if any are needed it would be a good idea if it was stated.


So I simply installed EU England using FTX central and the 'black patch' problem was immediately evident.


I then noticed the free Orbx scenery in FTX central, so I installed it just in case it worked, and indeed, it did solve the problem with the Orbx England scenery, but caused the black patch problem at many other airports across the world. For example, I looked randomly at Luqa, Nice, and an Italian airport, can't remember exactly which, and they all had the problem.


On my last attempt at a complete uninstall and reinstall, I didn't have any other third party sceneries installed, so I assume my Orbx scenery was placed correctly. It was at the top, and as you describe, openLC entries was placed under FTX. 


I did also run the migration option. And I don't have vector or any other orbx global scenery addons.


I saved it in FTX central, and the England scenery worked fine. But that's when the other airports developed a problem.


I can't seem to get it to work in England AND these other airports at the same time, if I install EU England and the (free) Orbx library. Without the free libraries, then the rest of the world remains ok, but the Orbx England scenery then has the black patches.


I hope that all made sense.


Anyway, thanks again for the reply, and I will give it another go, but I've tried for several hours today and it's worn a bit thin for now lol.


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Hello Antonmore


Let me show you in images what Doug is referring to above and explained in Nick's post


You go to your FTX Central and search for Settings


Note: If you see a blue & white message here telling you to update FTX Central do so

Also see if your libraries (right on the right bottom corner) need to be updated, is so it would have a red and white message on top of the picture. Update if it is displayed that way.




You click on there and you'll get the following screen:




Just ensure where the red arrows are that your FTX entries are placed/inserted BELOW your very first third party add-on


And the Open land classes below your FTX entries, click on save and close the application


You do this by using the small arrows on the right


Restart your sim, it will configure your scenery then test


Hope this is more clear for you now.


Good luck



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Why don't you run the verify file tool for Europe land class?

It might fix any missing files or errors

Worth trying


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Right, it's fixed this time.

I'm not really sure what was wrong, either a dodgy download or more likely a cfg file left over from the previous install.


Anyway, I did a full uninstall and clean out of any old scenery files and then deleted the terrain.cfg file and let P3D create a new one.


Then I installed FTX Central and EU England, made sure to go into FTX central settings and save the library locations;

Did the migration;

And now the England scenery is there, all ok, plus no black holes in the rest of the world. phew.

Also installed Southern California with same success.


Both have installed and are working fine without any extra orbx libraries.


Thanks again for the helpful replies.

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