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active CTD With Orbx scenery/Prepar3d 4.5

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Is anyone experiencing this issue, and if so, is there a fix?  After a fresh install of Prepar3d 4.5 with hotfix, and installing Orbx scenery, I get CTD while selecting and changing the settings in scenery objects.  This happens in the California region, NOCAL (KSTS KMRY KTVL) and SOCAL( anywhere in the LA basin, KPSP KSAN KAVX), England with TE GB South installed, Built up areas like KLAV with global installed and Global Open LC NA, KFHR, KOS, KCGX, ect.

The errors I get is BEX64  StackHash_2264


When running Prepar3d 4.5 without Orbx, I experience no CTD. 


My system:

i7-6800K OC to 4.2 (stable)




Scenery installed:


Open LC Europe

Open LC NA

Global Trees

Global Airport Pack

EU England, North Germany, South Germany

TE GB South

TE Netherlands HD


NA Central Rockies

NA North California

NA South California

NA Northern Rockies

NA Pacific Northwest








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6 hours ago, cchiozza said:

Yep same here. Never had before until using LIBS3 instead of LIBS4 because it crashes on AEC in Vector....Man someone is not paying attention. Had to uninstall all North American, rockies, cali, AK....not happy



can you decode this post for me please?


I am understanding LIBS3 is FTX Central, LIBS4 is Orbx Central and that the Vector AEC auto function does not work.

Instead of simply disabling scenery in the simulator, you decided to uninstall it?


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Yea simple, uninstalled it because I had no idea what if any disabling it would effect in the sim. As I said, when I loaded the scenery using LIBS3 and placing my aircraft at a expansion airport be it Cali, or what ever the sim CTD. I wanted to eliminate any other issues. First time using scenery that caused a CTD.

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