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For so long we have known regions. Now that we are starting to get TE series that vary in coverage from the Regions, I have a few questions. In a way, the TE series is kinda like Cityscape/Cityscene on steroids yet have so far been linking together to provide complete coverage like regions.

So my first question is about future TE series. Are we more likely to see new TE area be introduced as so that they link together like how regions have always been introduced or is there a chance that we could get new TE areas that better fit hotspots like So-Cal or Yellowstone that would provide coverage to include BZN, SUN, IDA, WYS, JAC and the coming BIL if that is still in the works?


I can understand if this question cant be answered due to not wanting to show too much of whats to come and feel like theres an over commitment but if there is a some what of a roadmap or plan as to how future TE series might come about that can be shared, that would be great to get an idea of.


It just seems there are some areas that could be cut out since there is a lack of addon airports and at the cost of ssd space we wouldnt need a complete coverage map.

Additionally, when P3D TE Washington comes out, would that be designed were the regions would be a layer lower so as the user flies out of TE they would then be in the region allowing once again for TE to be kinda like hotspots of highly detailed vast areas and then the regions fill the gap?

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