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Just now, John Lovell said:


Thank you!....No HD add on in these shots :)


Then they are even better than I has assessed. Due to the quality & sharpness I was assuming HD was in play.:)

No doubt I will end up getting this - there is the background pondering of whether to wait for it to come out in P3D as I own every Orbx airport  in WA, & they are numerous. & presumably they would drop right into P#D TE WA.

But so far XP11 & P3D have had sufficient discrete visual differences that I will probably end up with TE WA in both - if I can find SSD space.


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These are straight from the v key.... only visual mods are Xvision and UWXP.


My first flight, my jaw was on the floor throughout... it really is something to be seen when in the sim

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