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xp11 Shoreham... my childhood holidays.

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Thanks for the memories Mark. The in - laws live in Brighton who  we visit every couple of years.  Visited most of the places you show. We were up the 360 tower last Christmas! Great detail.

Cheers Graeme :)

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15 hours ago, Mark Halliwell said:

The detailing at Shoreham is extraordinary. The clouds in the last shot look really good.

I shall have to get hold of the Grob...


Thanks Mark... Get the Grob it a nice little plane and well modeled... available here.


15 hours ago, Doc Scott said:

Beautiful shots of a beautiful region ,Mark !!

But I still prefer your P3D shots:rolleyes:




Thanks Scott... sorry for the lack of P3D shots.


14 hours ago, BradB said:

Marvelous shots Mark . :):)







Thank you John :)


11 hours ago, boetie said:

Thanks for the memories Mark. The in - laws live in Brighton who  we visit every couple of years.  Visited most of the places you show. We were up the 360 tower last Christmas! Great detail.

Cheers Graeme :)


Thanks Graeme... It's amazing how many people I meet that know the place and have family in the area. I've not been back for a very long time, but would like to re-visit old haunts again.


11 hours ago, musterpilot said:

Perfect set of shots





Thank you very much John :)


10 hours ago, olderndirt said:

Why is Gran's house always so much more attractive?  After my mother decided to become a GI bride, I lived with my Gran for several years and loved it.  Your usual masterful shots.


Cheer OND... Living in Berkshire, as we did then, going to stay with 'nana Lancing' as I called her, right by the sea was such a treat.  It seemed a very long way, sat in the back of my dads old Ford Anglia, sliding around on shiny, sweaty, vinyl seats for two hours plus... me and my sister moaning most of the way :lol:


5 hours ago, adambar said:

Superb set of shots Mark! :)


Thank you Adam.


4 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Grand shots Mark.




Thank Iain.


4 hours ago, European Mountain Man said:

Fantastic post Mark and your shots are super i spent some time at shoreham my self the odd weekends went there fishing with my father when i lived in weybrige surrey and that was years

ago now regards EMM



Cheers Stewart... It's a nice little place (I'm sure it still is) Happy times... :)


3 hours ago, wain71 said:

fantastic set of shots.....


Thank you very much Wain.

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3 minutes ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Dang these are some nice shots!  I wish I had TE like this for Atlanta, Boston, or Idaho.



Cheer Jack :0  One day, you may have it... it would be amazing to have the whole world in TE, impractical as that would be currently. In the mean time, and apart from PNW which is looking utterly stunning, I'd love to see some other European countries and Japan.

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9 hours ago, whitehaven said:

Terrific angles, colour and sharpness. Just makes you want to get up in the air.


Thank you kindly whitehaven :)


8 hours ago, Aimee Sanjari said:

Ohhhh amazing! I took flying lessons out of Shoreham airport - lots of happy memories!


Cheers Aimee.... nice!... do you still fly?


4 hours ago, Chunk said:

What a stunning set Mark!!


Thank you Chunk :)


3 hours ago, BobT said:

Sweet pics! Always great to see comments from someone familiar with the area. Very impressive scenery.


Thank Bob... This scenery data is much more recent than my last visit, so it's great to see not much has changed down there.


38 minutes ago, andiflyit said:

Great set, I have Shoreham airport in P3d, it's a first class scenery.


Thanks very much... it's first class work indeed.

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6 hours ago, Aimee Sanjari said:


Not anymore, sadly. My heart says yes but my wallet says no! 


A great pity it such an expensive thing to do... at least you got to do it for a while, and who knows what the future holds.


1 hour ago, williwill said:

Brilliant shots sir ,,love the Grob


Thanks williwill :)   the Grob is a great little flyer.


1 hour ago, oldboy43 said:

Very nice shots Mark, thank you.




Glad you like them Karoly.

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See the tangle of rusting metal just off the viewing tower?


That was once the magnificent West Pier which amongst other things was here some scenes in 'Oh What a Lovely War' was filmed in 1968.


My pal and I 13 years old used to get on a train at Clapham Junction to fish there train fare 8 shillings and 6d return. 45p.  

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