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Ok, I will be honest, I fell for it (FS 2004 Support)

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I just woke up (and I need my coffee big time), like each morning I watch the news on my PC and after come here (and a few other places)
I read Aimee post and I said what the heck is happening?????? Why would ORBX would do such a thing???

I said those pictures look ugly???


I almost when to my sim rig to see if that:


was true....

I feel stupid now


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Hi Benny. You weren’t the only one and as I said in an earlier post think quite a few got caught. I was even thinking of getting my old Fltsim 2004 back of my friend who now lives in Spain if he still had it. Derek.

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I'll admit I said out loud, "Why???", and then I got to the VR part on the second read and realized what day it was. The whole thing was insanely clever, and the quotes from key developers were priceless themselves.

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Well, this is somewhat embarassing.

At this moment an old PC complete with FS2004 installed that  I had had stored in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, from the days when I worked up there as a waitress,  has been loaded on a truck & is on its way to the East Coast of the USA.

Being of the generation that still thinks Win98 is & was the best ever, the moment I saw FS2004 was going to be available again I knew that sometimes good things come to those who wait. My joy knew no bounds.


To get the PC onto the last truck out of Whitehorse last night I had to make some urgent phone calls, & I finally tracked Larry, the driver for Intercontinental Freight, down to a bar on the outskirts of town.

Initially conversation was difficult because he had taken his dentures out, it being Karaoke night .

He says he can't hit the high notes in 'Ave Maria' with his teeth in. I have witnessed it & that is true. Who would think that a rough tough Yukon trucker could have the voice of an angel once his dentures were sitting in a glass of whiskey on the bar, descaling.


I have to admit that I struggle with all this modern sim stuff. 

The fascination with VR, which just sounds to me like a new variant of a social disease, the fascination confounds me.

I tried it once & ended up with dizzyness that lasted for 3 days.



So, my dreams have been dashed  & thus I am in the awkward position of inquiring whether Orbx would consider re-imbursing me for the cost of freighting what will now, I have just realized, be a rather expensive door stop when it arrives from Whitehorse.

Having been conveyed for over a week across Canada & the USA by Larry. No doubt he will drive from bar to bar, catching Karaoke nights & blowing away the competition, most of whom will take one look at him & anticipate a gut rough version of AC/DC's "Back in Black".

& be dumbstruck when his toothless soprano rendition of 'Ave Maria' shatters spirit bottles.




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This just may be the best post I've seen in years. Simply terrific. I've got this one bookmarked. Plus, I learned that a glass of Jack Daniels is far better for storing my dentures than that other stuff I've been using............................

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eedditted becuase i kant spel
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Just a disclaimer Gents , this is a April Fools spoof in case some of you are confused .......





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