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active Verify Files keeps finding files

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Hello.  I have Global Base, Global Vector, EU Scotland.   I just had to re-install FSX and all my addons (in the process now, actually).   I have used FTX Central to re-install my products, but every time I run the verify files button for any of the entries, it keeps finding and downloading more files.  Shouldn't it be done doing that when it has been run on all the products I have?  I have run it now 3 times each for Global Base, Vector, Scotland, and Libraries.   It just keeps finding more files to download.


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Hi Ecosse, I cannot answer your question, however when ever I have ran the verify file,   the process `appears` to reinstall the product at the latest level .  I am sure that you will be given a more accurate answer but perhaps you should try you products and if it works don't fix it .


Regards Ray 



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I've wondered about that too.

I am on a very slow connection (Telstra, and any downloads come in at around 300kbs or less) 

I have verified a Orbx scenery packages and it always finds files, and I sit around waiting for them to download.


Then I got thinking about the various files that all my add-on airports turn OFF in the base packages. Are the OFF files being returned to on, when the Base files are being verified?

Is that what is being downloaded?

Do we need to 'verify files' of packages in any particular order? Base packages, Regions, then Airports? Or does it not matter?

Hours and hours of sitting around watching progress bars is painful.



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