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answered EGHQ - two airports at once

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Dear ORBX developers,

I have encountered a strange error at EGHQ airport. There is a copy of the airport (I believe at its original FSX/P3D elevation) above the corrected version. 

I see two airports at once. I have ORBX base, Open LC EU, Vector installed. I use FreeMeshX for meshes. P3D v4.4 and W7. 

I did run the AEC tool in FTX Vector panel. I have no such occurences elsewhere.


I have attached the screenshot of the situation and also the three images of my scenery order (showing the relevant parts containing FTX stuff)


With kind regards,







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EGHQ is not in default FSX or P3D.

Have you been using one of the navdata addons?

RAF ST Mawgan is there, at the same place as EGDG.

Try disabling Vector AEC for EGDG.

This will not help if you do indeed have two airports in the same place.

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Dear Nick,


that makes perfect sense. I do not use any third-party addons, except that I have updated Navaids using http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html.

Is there some way to analyze from which source is EGHQ added into P3D? 


Thank you!


With kind regards, Jan

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The default RAF St Mawgen is stored in

G:\P3D v4\scenery\0501\scenery\APX46140.bgl

aero.sors  operates by modifying these default files

to update the navigation data.


This is fine until it adds an airport that is not in the database of the default simulator.


I have so far dealt with two types of complaint as a result of this.


The first was an airport in South America.

The customer had gone to the airport and found nothing there at all.

The reason for this was that aero.sors had added a location and navaids

but the airport had never been modeled by anyone.


The second type of complaint is yours and the problem arises when the airport is in the default

database but since then, its ICAO code has changed.

Of course aero.sors adds the new data but while it can change the navigation data it cannot remove

the old airport ICAO code data, so the result is two airports at the same place.

This would not particulary matter except that it appears that the two at Newquay are at

different elevations.


aero.sors users apparently have the option to restore the original APX bgl file.

It should be noted that the APX files contain a very large number of default airports.


There is a third problem created when the ICAO code has been changed and the APX file modified.

If a developer creates an airport at the location of an existing default airport, it is routine and necessary

to first exclude the default airport.

Excludes can only be appled to default airports, so the new airport data, added by the modification of the APX file,

is not excluded and can play havoc with the addon airport.

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Thank you, this perfectly explains the problem.

So OrbX AEC adjusted the elevation of EGDG (as this is a default P3D airport), which is now showing below EGHQ, which was added by aero.sors (this also explains why only runways and taxiways are elevated). Am I correct?


I will try to find some way around this, maybe there are some free EGHQ/EGDG sceneries out there which deal with this issue :) 

Thanks for helping me,


best, Jan

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yes, that is the problem exactly.

If the elevation of both versions could be made the same, the problem

would not be so obvious.

You could probably create your own EGHQ using the aero.sors data but

adjusting the elevation to match EGDG.

EGDG appears to be set at 390 feet and you could set the runway and taxiway

widths to 0.1 feet to stop them showing.


If you want to read more, here is a useful link


Without comment, I add this line from the author of ADE



We don't recommend changing stock files for all sorts of reasons. Copyright is one. Unintended consequences is another.


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