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resolved True Earth South GB crashing X-11 on flight start

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Hi folks, hope you can help,


Just purchased ORBX True Earth GB South and after ( many ) hours of downloading, installing and converting, X-plane hangs on the runway on a new flight and promptly crashes with no info. There's a strange warbling sound, nothing much else, and that's it. Gone.


X-11 is up to date, all computer drivers also up to date, ORBX all up to date too. Settings at medium to avoid any CPU / GPU issues.


I'm a developer for P3D / FSX looking to convert my products to X-11, so not a newbie to sims but relatively inexperienced in using X-Plane. Install has been verified and all files present. Totally lost on this one, anybody got any ideas?

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I had uninstalled xEnviro due to possible issues with that program, however the process did not completely remove all files from the X-Plane 11 folder. Turns out the sim was hunting for weather data despite the main program being uninstalled. All is now working perfectly, and it is a tremendous piece of work! Well done all :)

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try using Xorganiser, I use that to remove / change the addons, works perfect, you even start the sim from that program........great little tool if you have many plugins that you don't use every flight....

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