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resolved EGCC Runway partly covered

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I recently had to reinstall my FSX plus the Orbx scenery, I have FTX AU, EU, Global, OLC & Vector.

In my screenshot you can see the runway at EGCC Manchester is partly covered by small hills, plus the runway is also higher then the other one, any ideas please?



EGCC Runway covered.jpg

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I have a very similar problem that did not previously exist.  Recently I tried a lighting mod off the internet and fouled up the lighting at Juneau. Black squares appeared where street lights should have been.  Thinking I overwrote some files, I tried verifying the files hoping any missing or corrupted files would be re-installed, but when that didn't fix the problem, I uninstalled and re-installed everything - FSX (SP1, SP2), then the newest Orbx library, then Southern Alaska, then Juneau airport, but while the street lights of juneau appeared, they were framed by black squares which originally were not there.  Then I switched to Sekiu airport in Washington to see if the PNW demo region was affected.  This might be unrelated to the problem above, but after reinstalling the PNW demo, part of the runway at Sekiu is covered by sloping hills and now there is an obnoxious hill right in front of the runway that was never there before.



If the display looks poor it is because I am using a slow PC (2.2 ghz with integrated Radeon 6530 HD graphics). Despite its obsolescence, the PNW demo originally worked just fine and this airport's runway was not covered over.  Something happened when re-installing, but I was careful to reinstall hierarchically, first FSX, then SP1, then SP2, then Orbx Library, then the PNW demo.


What caused a hill to cover part of the runway that wasn't there before?


Update >> spoke too soon, did another unified migration and that -- unless it is a coincidence -- seems to have fixed the problem.




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