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because these forums are not an image hosting site,

each member is limited to 50 MB of attachments.


You have both used this up.


There is also an 8 mb limit for individual uploads.


A screen shot in jpg format should be no more than 400 -700 KB.

Uploading an image that is 5 -8 MB in size is completely unnecessary

and of course a good way to quickly use up the upload limit in the

least effective way.


If you want to add images, please use a dedicated image hosting site

such as the one already suggested in this already linked topic and mentioned

more than once already.



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4 hours ago, NineMile41 said:

Now all I have is .84MB that is a decimal before the 84 not enough to download 1 Picture.

I guess I have to stop sharing pictures?


Hi, you can easily convert a RAW image or a big JPG to a smaller size. People don't compress image here enough, just a light compression and a resize of let say 1080P is way more then needed and will load very fast in any browser, i do mine in 1280 X 1024 and compress them at 15%.

Here is REALLY FREE and easy to use little software that does magic, It's called PhotoScape, I have been using it for 10 years for basic use.


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