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active VECTOR AEC not Recognizing KPDX

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 Hey guys, 


 I am having a problem with Vector  in that it does not recognize the standard code of KPDX.   The main issue I’m having is that I installed Bill Womack’s new Portland scenery, and I’m having elevation issues. Has anybody else had this problem?   From what I can tell the scenery looks beautiful, just not displaying right. When I type in KPDX into the AEC, It turns up nothing.   I have ensured that all updates are current, but still the problem persists. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. 



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Windows 10, Prepar3d version 4.3.  Portland city scape, and also KVOU Installed with no previous issues/conflicts with any of those products.  

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My runways are sunken below ground level at KPDX!


It's likely you're running another product that has added an elevation adjustment file for KPDX.
1 - Use the Flightbeam Manager's troubleshooting tool to automatically find files causing this.
2 - If the above doesn't work, look in your root P3D4 folder, under "Scenery\World\scenery" and do a search for "kpdx". If any files turn up in the search, set their file extension to ".OFF" to disable them. This should restore your runway elevations.
3- If you still have elevation issues, manually remove the following files into a backup location:
In the following folder: ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_PNW05_SCENERY\scenery


In Scenery\World\scenery, the following:

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