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I am wanting to update the jetways at all of the airports listed to SODE using the brilliant new feature in GSX Level 2 expansion.


I was hoping someone at Orbx could let me know if the sceneries for each airport have the gates included in separate bgl's, or are the gates included in the same bgl as the building/structure they're attached to? Also, if the gates are in separate bgl's, which ones are they specifically?


This will determine if I can upgrade to SODE jetways. 


 I apologise upfront if there's a bit of mucking around to find out, however the end result I'm after will justify the means as new SODE jetways in each of those airports will improve the immersion by at least a factor of 10. 


Thanks & Regards,



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9 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

I could but some of the developers are no longer active.

Will you not find out yourself if GSX 2 can be used at each of these airports

when you try to implement it?


I could, but with quite some trial & error. Turning off bgl's to try to establish which one might have the gates on it and hoping that the gates are a separate entity from the buildings.


I'll give it a whirl and see how I go...





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I suggest heading over to the GSX Support Forum of FSDT. They have a separate section called "GSX Sharing Area - Scenery Configs" where people publish their adaptations, I am pretty sure that you will find some stuff over there and certainly help for converting sceneries yourself.



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