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answered Seasons in P3D 4 with mixed ORBX products (again, yes...)

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Hello together. First, sorry if this isnt the right place. I have a bit of trouble to order this into the right category.


I know that there are hundreds of topics about seasons & orbx but sadly they all lead to either things before FTX or other non related problems. My problem is the same as i saw in those topic but i get it all of the time, in many regions. Sometimes it seems right, sometimes not. I do migrations 15 times per year what seems to solve it sometimes but it will reappear for sure. Im at a loss and it starts to annoy me a bit tbh. I really would like to find the problem here since it destroys all of the experience one could get from seasons.


The problem is this:






What can cause these things? And why can one get it many times and many other times not? I expect this is not the right outcome, right? Or is this how it should look.


I saw this post here and there you say this is fixed with the "full FTX regions".


Now, i have them all... nearly. I use Global Base, openLC NA, openLCEU, openLC SA, meshSA, PNW; Rockies, SCAL, NCAL, TrueEarthNL and whatnot. So as i read out of those topics this should not happen here? Well, it does :-) As you can see. So what can be the reason?


Usually i know what i have to look out for. Scenery order, insertion point and those things but im pretty sure that myself is doing nothing wrong here. This is EDDN and that one is in Germany South.



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Hi there,


The FTX Regions use terrain elevation as well as latitude and large-scale climate data to derive their monthly texture control files. For FTX PNW I've posted an animated GIF here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/18695-pnw-textures/?tab=comments#comment-162697 



Keep in mind also that the spatial resolution of those raster cells is hard-coded at ~1.2km x1.2km. Thus, depending on local terrain and month (!) one will still see some juxtapositions of seasonal variants. The screenshot below is taken centered on EDDN in the month of December.


In theory one can edit individual pixels of the control file to smooth transitions and prevent "checkerboards". And we have done this for some areas but we're talking tens of thousands of pixels per Region times 12 months so it can't be manually tweaked everywhere. Moreover, smoothing out the transitions means one ends up with some hard-winter pixels in valley floors instead of just at higher altitudes.


If, within GEN/GES, you find this too distracting then you can switch back to November to not see any snow (except for the high alps) or to January for full snow coverage.


Cheers, Holger 

FTX EU GES - winter vs hard-winter in Dec centered on EDDN top-down.jpg

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Thank you for the explanation Holger. The following thing is long... yes. But i would love you find the time to get into it one day. Or any other mod or knowledgeable person.


I may have other problems too that are may be related. Maybe its best to change the topic title too into something like "How can i keep a sim healthy over time". Because when i think about it there are more than this symptom that all hint to some problem with my sim. And all are somehow related to textures or terrain overall.


Let me  explain. Sadly its long.... but some things cannot be put in 2 sentences ^^ I bet many many have this, maybe everyone. Some notice it, some not. Some dont see it because they dont have many addons. Some never see it because they fly GA only where the speed is never so high to make problems for the cpu and other may not see it for other reasons. But i fly P3D on the 4.th system now, very different setups and its always the same after 3-5 Months of flying/installing.


In the above pics its the snow that mention. But in seasons where is no snow i also often enough get textures that make so sense basically. Villages that are crossed by woods and streets lead through places where they dont belong to. And please, im very aware that ORBX is not completely detailed and every road is in its place and every location in the right spot.. I mean something different....patchwork basically. Sadly i dont have a pic now. But anyway its not the only thing. The other is better explainable. And this is the real one. The one that many many people suffer from. 


Its the elevation and mesh that simply doesnt build like they should anymore and i cannot find a way to stop this aging process. Yes, i have many many airports. Around 120. But i know most things about P3D and i know how to take care in theory. I know about scenery sorting, i know about frames lock to improve terrain, i know about all that things. If you look at my previous posts one will find that its mostly screenshots and one also can see that i know how a sim can look, even with low PC.  All those pics were either with a 1060 nvidia or 1070, on eher i5 or i7.  The one PC cost 800 Euro and the other 1200. And despite that im very well aware how to set a sim to get a stutterfree experience while keeping visuals high. I made guide about this for others, our community and the internet. I just say this to give you an idea that im not someone who sets all sliders right, installs everything he can find to random places and wonders why nothing works anymore. Im different and i can assure you this :-)


Back to topic. The problem is that all this "knowledge" about a smooth sim are getting trashed after a few months, after i reinstalled the whole sim again for the 4th time in year. The point will come where the mesh and elevation simply wont look good anymore. Most detail is lost and a region like South Alaska starts to look not different from Global Base pack. The whole elevation basically is lost. Where super crisp and spiky mountains were before are now just a few hills basically. This may a bit exaggerated but its very very visible. When the sim runs good ppl ask me "what mesh you have installed??? that looks amazing and so crisp" and when i have this state back its more a "p3d looks bad....i love Ortho". Its a big difference.


But still a difference "small" enough that i know some ppl dont see... They think P3D looks bad but the thing is it would look a lot better normally.... What is this? What happens that ruins a sim so much in ESP.


One would think that tools like Simstarter, where one can only load certain regions would help for this problem but no. If you have it you have it. No way back. Or is there? What can one do to get a somewhat "fresh" state back without reinstalling hundred and hundreds of gigabyte of data....just to see it will be same after 6 month.


I mean, it makes no sense to me.... It doesnt seem to be the amount of airports added. Its more the timespan. If i install 50 airports in one week it runs a lot better than with 70 airports after 6 month. Its not really a line, more a curve...


What is also very noticeable is that i cannot really fly long time in VC anymore in this "state". Usually i can fly in VC for 2h and the terrain will still look crisp and detailed in elevation etc. But in this state it will look very bad a after a while.... If i dont switch to outside cam and  zoom out a lot and let it fly like this i never get good looking terrain anymore...it stays crisp when i turn on highres terrain but i still loose elevation/mesh/detail after a an hour. Also one can see the microstutters increase andand the difference of fps between departure and arrival are really high. I depart with 40 and arrive with 25. And this is not a thing of the arrival airport being more demanding. Its always samesame.


Would a "delete generated files"  help here or a delete scenery indexes or what... I dont want to reinstall all that again. Its so bad...


Would be lovely if someone can answer me this question. It bugs me since i started this hobby...




One has a sim with 120 airports installed and all the ORBX regions. And he loads the sim via simstarter with only 1 orbx region, the one he flies in and 2 airports. Why is this not the same as a sim where really only those 2 things would be installed?


My guess is the files get more, have to be targeted and searched with more resources, the list with files to go through gets bigger, the effect folder gets bigger, the scenery/world folder get stuf and stuff and stuff added and with more files (even they dont get loaded) it all gets slowed down?


Or what is the problem really.

I have installed P3D last year 3 times fully. Im on the 4th system now with not much higher anymore to go with an oced 7700k and a RTX 2080. Basically all runs same as on my oldi5 and 1060. And there it looked better even at times. If i look my 1 year old pics i see way better mesh/elevation on my flights as i get in such state with highend system. Thats bad...


What is that. This may be the reason that gets me away from p3D one day.

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