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John Venema

SSD prices to fall further in 2019

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Thanks Craig. The reason I asked is that I've run P3D4.4 on both a EVO 840 and a WD Black with the full line of ORBX products installed.. Other the initial load time differential I can SEE no difference in performance between the two. Most all folks I've talked to say the same thing. It'll be interesting to hear from both the SSD and HDD camps as we get more experience with the TE releases. For now, I'm sticking to the HDD camp but will take another look at the much more expensive SDD option if it's proven that there is enough of an actual visual performance difference between the two to justify the costs involved...........Doug 

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kant spel

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3 hours ago, craigeaglefire said:

personally, I am inclined to go large capacity NVMe M.2 Samsung drives (2TB maximum available at moment) for best flight sim performance - the benchmarks are real


Synthetic benchmarks, yes.  However, you will not see a lick of typical real world use difference between NVMe and SATA SSDs (especially in flight sims).

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it’s all about actual response time & flight sim system management...


if only my 6TB WD Black would do it all - I would be completely sorted...


just negotiating the technical limitations of particularly the fully featured P3Dv4+ platform...


eagerly awaiting P3Dv5 - in the meantime I would be silly not to deploy as much of my M.2 available disk space as I can - & yes, the SATA Samsung SSDs perform at about the practical limit of the SATA 3 bus...

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