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active Chile Invisible Mid-air collisions at 12000'

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Hi Everybody!  Let me make this as concise as possible.


Issue:  Multiple aircraft experience an unknown mid-air collision like crash between 12-13k feet near Santiago, Chile (North and South of airport during both departure and approach) and at approx FL300 east of Chile border on STAR into SCEL


Sim:  Prepar3d v4.3


Aircraft:  PMDG 738, PMD773, Default F22-Raptor


System:  Windows 10, Intel i7-6700k @ 4GHz, RAM 16GB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX970


Addons:  PMDG 777, 773 addon, 737, 736/7 addon, ActiveSky P3Dv4, ORBX Base, Vector, Trees, Libraries, Europe, North America, South America, all recently installed and updated.


I have tried approaching and departing SCEL and the crash always occurs.  When coming in from Argentina, it occured shortly after TOD (east of border) in PMDG 738  above FL300.  Nearer to SCEL airport (Santiago), it occurred on approach under 10k feet and on departure (any direction I have tested) between 12k-13k feet like clockwork.  It happened on PMDG 773 and 738.  I tried a default aircraft to verify it was not a PMDG thing, and it crashed with the F-22 Raptor.  I have done the "verify files" in FTX Central with no change.  I disabled the South America OpenLC and no crash.  I re-enabled it, and crash.


The one thing I have NOT done is uninstall / reinstall South America.  I'm on Sat Internet and live in the sticks, so gigabytes are akin to gold, and am not sure if by clicking "uninstall" in FTX Central if I will have to re-download all 6 GB.  Was surprised to not find any other forum entries with this issue, which leads me to think it's something on my end vs. that of Orbx (or nobody ever flies to Chile lol).  


Any suggestions that you could provide would be most appreciated!



-David M., Navasota, TX

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