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8 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

Come on Gerold, you can do it.

A wonderful pair of views of one of the worlds most recognisable buildings.

I think with the sim set to "no collisions" I could try...

A great place to be.


8 hours ago, ftwd said:

Great pic Gerold and a really fun place to visit. Love Singapore and Clarke quay.



Thanks Nathan. Indeed there are many good places to visit in that city.


4 hours ago, paulb said:

Gosh! That looks easy Gerold ???

I visited Singapore many times, but that was not there in my days (1990's). Maybe I am just getting old! :lol:

Yes paul, times are changing in Asia. It is "only" an 11 hour flight from your home ;)!


4 hours ago, pezi said:

nice shot. But the ORBX ground has nothing to do with the reality.


Indeed Peter, this is a city that would really be worth a full CityScape. And it does not change as fast as Shanghai!


2 hours ago, JMBIII said:

Neat !  I saw this building and a few more while watching the Singapore F1 GP last month.  They do have some architecture marvels there.  And one helluva ferris wheel.

Thanks Jim. The wheel is also represented in the scenery I would not mention here (3rd party).


31 minutes ago, Captain Lars said:

Very nice comparison shot, Gerold!

Thank you Lars. I think the night lights are not present in the sim?


26 minutes ago, teecee said:

Love the "worlds most recognizable building"... umm, where is it?????:lol::lol:. Terry.

Just right of the bay, Terry. Did you ever visit Singapore in your "down under" times?


3 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Thanks Gerold!  I have never ever heard of this building!  It looks amazing, like a giant boat is on top of three buildings, what a unique looking design, I love it!

Do not forget the bar on top... 24 Dollar for a cocktail, but a nice view...!


4 hours ago, lifejogger said:

That may be one of the worlds most recognizable buildings but it is the first time I have seen it.  You should have flown through on side and then came back through the other.

That move came into my mind later. Jack would probably even do this with a 747...

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