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Hi Aimee/John, my previous post ("Clarification Required" - copied below) appears to have been closed off before you had an opportunity to respond. I am therefore re-posting to provide you with that opportunity.
I am a loyal customer who has purchased many Orbx products and am feeling more than a little aggrieved at the revelation, raised by Froogle in his video on this subject,  that Orbx appear to have been deliberately misleading their customers for a number of years.
You only have to read the hundreds of comments on Froogle's YouTube page to realise that I am far from being the only person to feel this way.
I would be most grateful if you could respond to the post below.
Best regards,

Thanks Aimee for responding so promptly to my earlier post, but unfortunately your response has raised more questions than it answered.


For example, you state that without regions "some airports may only be bare bones useable" and are not "guaranteed to be in a sellable state".


This contravenes completely the assertion made by John Venema to Froogle that without regions the airports "...work fine."


Who out of the CEO and the Marketing Manger at Orbx is telling the truth here?


Also, please can you answer my question regarding whether Orbx are going to do the honourable (and legal) thing here and allow customers who feel they have been mis-sold additional products the opportunity to apply for a refund.


Best regards,



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