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Well played to everyone involved at Orbx in creating the work of art posted by Aimee this evening in response to Froogle's video.


A lesson to Flightsimlabs in how to keep your customers onside when a storm is brewing.


However, please  may I ask one simple question - Why was the following statement not added to each airports sales page?:

We list regions as requirements for our airports because using airports sans regions may produce results below the Orbx quality standard.

By omitting this, the language actually used could be considered as mis-selling the additional product(s) quoted as required.

Therefore please can Orbx confirm that they are prepared to fully refund customers for any products they feel they have been mis-sold due to the inaccuracy of the original wording used.


I await your response.


Best regards,



P.s. a copy of this post has been taken so please do not attempt to delete.

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Far from a nefarious conspiracy, I think that was ORBX unintentionally shooting themselves in the foot. They would move fewer units of Southhampton if customers assumed they needed the whole England TrueEarth business. All the froogle exchange meant to me was, oh goody, I can pick up that airport sooner rather than later. By many accounts, I'm gonna have to take a whole evening or half a weekend day when I buy England South for the download/install--an amount of freetime I don't have till mid-November. As it is, as an owner of Southhampton for FSX, I get it for $14 and the download/install is the work of minutes. Yippee!

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Hi Dennis. 


We stand by our point that they are requirements. While some airports may be useable (and I mean bare bones useable) without regions, it doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to be in a sellable state. 


If I bought an airport to use, I would expect that it would work as advertised, looking as they do in the marketing screenshots. I would be pretty angry if I bought it and I discovered that I needed another product to make it look as advertised without having been told beforehand - this is why we state the regions as requirements.


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