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answered ENHF approach navaids LOC/DME wrong ?

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maybe I'm doing something wrong approaching ORBX ENHF Hammerfest in P3D V4.3...


Approaching RW 23 with A2A C172:

set NAV1 to 111,35

pressing NAV or APPR on autopilot

aircraft circles


Approaching RW05:

set NAV1 to 110,70

pressing NAV or APPR

aircraft circles


Swapping both frequencies (RW05: 111,35 ; RW23: 110,70) shortly before RW:

aircraft navigates to RW direction.


To further drill down my problem, I opened the BGL with ADE:

- ORBX Navaid states LOC/DME 23 = 111,35 and LOC/DME 05 = 110,70

- Original airport states (APX54060.bgl) states LOC/DME 23 = 110,70 and LOC/DME 05 = 111,35

- ADE states "ILS is stock" in red letters looking deeper at ENHF_ADEP2_FKH_P3D.bgl navaids


ENHF was installed by FTX Central 3


May it be that ORBX ENHF has swapped the LOC frequencies leading to an overlay with P3D V4 stock airport while approaching ?


regards, Achmed


Sorry, I forgot: Transaction ID was 5b2cae1fab062


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Found some difference:


The charts in the ORBX ENHF user guide state correctly:

LOC Z RWY 05 -> LOC 111.35 HA

LOC Z RWY 23 -> LOC 110,70 HF

as defined in the original BGL APX54060.bgl


But P3D V4 and Plan-G get the swapped information from ENHF_ADEP2_FKH_P3D.bgl (although showing the right degrees for the RW orientaton):




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Hi Achmed.


Good catch! 

I guess neither me or my beta-testers, nor many simmers in general use navaids often enough. No idea how this slipped through testing. 


Will issue a patch with a fix. In the meantime, since you are apparently proficient with ADE, you can probably swap the frequencies for yourself :)





(ENHF Developer)

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