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Hi Claude,


Similar settings can be found in the P3DV4 settings, they are just not named exactly the same way.  The settings which are recommended are just a guide based on the previous ESP platform (FSX/P3D) settings.  They should all be able to be replicated in the P3DV4 settings.  If there are specific settings you can't replicate with P3DV4, post them here and we will advise you further.



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Hi Scott,

Thank you for your answer.

After active search in the forum I found this information from Nick.

I think this is what I was looking for.
You should integrate those informations in the doc, it certainly will help.






Quick Reference Simulator Settings 
The table below lists in a handy reference the minimum recommended settings required in your simulator to enjoy CRM the way Orbx designed it. These settings will run well on most PCs and take particular advantage of the custom mesh and photoreal imagery used in the scenery area. 
If you use the settings below you will be guaranteed the highest fidelity experience and the best balanced performance. 
Setting Value Why? 
Level of detail radius Large Reduces blurring of textures.                                         P3D v4 Ultra
Global texture resolution Max Displays photoreal textures best.                             P3D v4 N/A
Mesh complexity 100 Better terrain definition.                                                            P3D v4 N/A
Mesh resolution 5m 5 m is required for CRM                                                              P3D v4 Mesh resolution 5m
Texture resolution 7 cm Sharpest roads and freeways.                                             P3D v4 Texture resolution 7 cm
Scenery complexity Extremely Dense How Orbx designed FTX CRM.                     P3D v4 Scenery complexity Extremely Dense
Autogen density Normal Best FPS vs detail.                                                                P3D v4 Autogen vegetation density Normal Autogen building density Normal 
GA AI traffic 16-50% Recommended for this scenery.                                                P3D v4 GA AI traffic 16-50%
Road vehicle traffic 16% No need to set higher for                                                     P3D v4 Road vehicle traffic 16%


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