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One of my first flights involving the Carendo F50 taking off from my recent FS homebase of Cairns. It's such a nice airport and after being at the real thing in June, the Orbx depiction is still reasonably accurate. If those opposing hills were higher definition I'd say it'd be tough to tell this shot apart from a real photo!



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35 minutes ago, VH-KDK said:

A beautiful close up of the F-50 with some great scenery as a backdrop.:)


It is probably my favourite place to fly in sim right now. Picked it up during the sale and the combination of mountains and a fun approach and departure with the beautiful sea right there is great. 


I can thank chaseplane for the camera angle. I was skeptical about getting it at first but now I can't imagine flying without it. So much freedom for interesting shots as well as navigating VC panels with ease. I just need to buy a second numpad or something so I can bind my favourite angles I guess.

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8 hours ago, Stillwater said:

A great shot indeed.

How is the airline in real life, never heard of someone flying them?


Alliance pretty much exclusively flies mining charters out of Cairns and Adelaide is my understanding, with some seasonal operations over in New Zealand. I like them mostly for their F50, F70 and F100 fleet. 


In in sim I've been switching up between flying Alliance or Ansett recently. The F50 looks good in both of their schemes. 

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