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Hi Guys

One for Marcus I suspect.

Just bought LEBB. I did read the review of this airport at Mutleys hangar dated Oct 2017 and although it highlighted a number of anomalies at the airport, I was sure that there would have been a patch brought out to fix them.

As I have a full 737 simulator, when I made my first landing at Bibao and taxied to the gate, when the jetway was operated, it came over to the aircraft but was too high and stopped well inside the body of the aircraft. All jetways at all the gates did exactly the same. Can this be patched to allow them to operate properly? It just spoils what is a great rendition of the airport.

My point is that all basic default airports supplied by LM have operating jetways that fit every time. This being a payware airport, I would have expected this very important aspect to be working perfectly. I am not asking for every small anomaly to be addressed just that when I land,  to at least have proper working jetways docking with my 737-800. Could SODE be used possibly?

Otherwise great job as one expects from Orbx.


Many thanks



Transaction ID: 5b7c7ea66283b
Product: LEBB Bilbao Airport


LM P3dV4.3


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After 3 weeks since this post, I am disappointed that the developer or indeed anyone would not comment on this jetway problem.


It is of no consequence now as I have used the fantastic GSX2 to renew all jetways and convert them to SODE and all works perfectly.


NO MORE Orbx airports for me if that is the standard of their work.

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