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Aerobatic flight in Pitts S2-B over Innsbruck

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In an earlier post(catching ICE train....), I announced further screenshot with a more aerobatic flight in my Pitts S2-B. The last shot is a collage

and displays 4 different lightconditions that I regulary use for flights in AFS2 and my preferred setting(late afternoon). Enjoy the showcase :


























After flying around for an hour more, a look on my fuel-gauge tells me to quickly return to the airport, just before the darkness I made a safe landing on airport LOWI :



Bonus - different lightconditions over Innsbruck via AFS2 as flightsimulator :



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Grand series of shots to show off the area and your acrobatic flying skills too, I probably would have taken out that helipad on that dive, that one dude looks like he wants you to aim for him anyway with his arms outstretched!  :D

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Oooooh!  These are spectacular in my opinion!  They really make AF2 and Orbx shine.  And I miss flying my friend's biplane like this when I lived in Boise, we'd be all over the sky doing loops and rolls, man do I miss this!

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