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I have noticed in P3D 4.3 that the water textures around regions doesn't seem to blend in with the water from the rest of the world.

I don't know when this started, if it was just since 4.3 or not, but it's only something I've noticed very recently.

I have a screenshot here which is an overhead shot zoomed out when located at Southend EGMC.2018-8-18_17-50-18-840.thumb.jpg.90ab67b7e3123e50c4b4d62ea7a2b634.jpg

You can see from this screenshot there are straight lines in the sea around the UK where the UK region ends. Also over towards the Netherlands where I have that region installed, there is a dark patch of water as well. It seems to be true for all regions as I get the same thing at Southern California for example. The sea is much darker by that region compared to the rest of the world.


I am using all ORBX products, Global, Vector, OpenLC and all regions installed. If for example I disable the UK region those lines in the sea disappear. In addition I do use ENVTEX / ENVSHADE which does alter water textures as well so I did think that could be causing it. But I have tried restting those settings to default and it doesn't make any difference. In fact it looked even worse as the difference in water textures became even more distinct. The regional water textures being much much darker than the global ones.


Do others notice the same thing or is it just me? I've tried all manner of other things, deleting config file, re-installing various ORBX products I have but it doesn't change anything. Short of a fresh install I am out of ideas. I couldn't find any other reports of this on the forum, but I am wondering if this is just something that's expected or if I actually have a problem with my installation?

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I think it's more than likely your ENVTEX settings.


I use PTA to change the colour and saturation of the water (to tone it down a little) and often see this colour difference. I'm not sure what you can do about it!

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Ok thanks for the reply. I have used PTA in the past but switched to envshade a while ago as was already using envtex. Was never 100% happy with PTA and got much better results with envshade. But that's just my preference on my system.

If I reset envtex and envshade the differences become even more obvious. Even PTA does very little to change it. This is a screenshot from the same spot with just PTA only and no envtex/envshade. 2018-8-21_14-51-15-132.thumb.jpg.669dcb4ad8e0ff70459c604bc572ae6f.jpg


If this is expected though then I can live with it. I just would like to be sure that's the case though and it's not that something is messed up in my install.

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Unfortunately this is the way the scenery has been made.
Have a look at the Irish sea (if you have all if the British Isles regions). Lots of obviously unnatural straight edges around the various scenery areas, some of them unforgivably close to the coast line in places.
It's a bit of a shame that the edges can't be blended out more effectively with better, more expansive blend masks, or in the case of the Irish sea just extend the ORBX water areas so there are no gaps left between the various British Isles regions (which wouldn't be difficult with access to the right tools and resources). Even just curved boundaries would be less distracting.
You can mess around with water reflection and lighting settings to try to hide the problems, but then you'll probably lose mud/sand bar type details in estuaries and the like.

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I notice in your pictures that you can also see the straight or stepped lines on land if you look at the top left.  This effect is normal when looking at any scenery from the top down view, and it has more to do with the level of detail radius.  The simulator will only render higher detail scenery up to a certain distance from your aircraft, and that radius can be seen by the blocky outline.  If you zoomed in you would not see those sharp edges of the level of detail radius.



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