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The human eye does not see in 4K, but image is still 4K.


While it’s a good video, it drops the ball on what the whole 4K is about. 

It’s about all about fidelity and the little details. While we do not see in 4K, rendering an image in native 4K brings out the detail lost in lower resolutions, we do not see in 480p either. 

While the “4K” phenomenon is used at a marketing tool, the 4K is more just a resolution (not referring to the image from a game). 4K not only offers more data in a single image, but larger bandwidth in it’s improved codecs which offers a huge technical advantage over lower/older resolutions, ei. the wider color gamut.

Nobody can deny that 4K image looks significantly better than a 480p, 720p and 1080p image.


Do we really want the monitor manufactures to make the edges blurry on our monitors?

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It's a stupid misguided video.  Sure, the actual resolution figures may be correct.  But, we have an incredibly concentrated set of 'pixels' in our centre of vision, and relatively sparse in our peripheral vision.  This means that we can concentrate many time the resolution of the 4K screen on the little bit we're looking at.  I don't have any actual figures but I suspect we would have up to 64K equivalent available with which to scan the 4K screen in a small area.


That's why the video is just pure unadulterated crap.

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