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Will EU Netherlands TrueEarth P3Dv4 work with GLOBAL range of products?

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a True Earth product is based on photo scenery, so none of the Open LC or Vector

scenery will be visible. It has been designed to blend well with the FTX Global Base

and EU Germany textures to be found around it.


It depends on what you want to see in the Netherlands.

If you rarely visit or if so only fly in to EHAM and then leave, it probably is not for you.

If you wish to fly over the country at VFR speeds and see pretty much what is there,

then it probably is.

A close look at the product screen shots should help you decide.

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Hi Nick, what I understand from your words is if we install TrueEarth, no other Orbx Global range product such as BASE, Vector, OpenLC or any region such as EU is required for that specific region. Correct? Is this statement also correct for other 3rd party Mesh? Thanks

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