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Bit of a random question,


I am wondering what dictates when and where snow textures show on the ground, in sim?


Flying around the alpine areas of FTX AU I notice some mountains and elevated areas have snow on the ground and others don't (which is natural). Although there are some mountains and elevated areas where I know snow does fall but doesn't appear.


Do meters above sea level or temperature have any influence as to where the snow shows or are the textures just pre-placed on specific areas?



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Hi Andrew,


Two things control snow cover, the seasons definition file and local precipitation and temperature. The seasons definition file is a grid where each tile has a season defined by month and with the options of spring, summer, autumn, mild winter, and hard winter available. Hard winter includes the snowcovered texture variants. In our regions where we've updated the seasons definition file, it's based on altitude and average temperatures throughout the year. 


If the weather in-sim is snowing, it can override the current season and ground tiles will get snowcover as well. 

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