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answered Scenery Config Editor Shows 2 x errors

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Good Evening


I attach a screen shot after running Scenery Config Editor.


I have recently noticed that in some areas I see RED & Green squares with writing in it saying something about "Spring" & "Winter"


I do not use the Scenery Config Editor as such and just happen to run it to X-check the priorities in the scenery.cfg-file.


I do not know what these files are that says "Path is non-unique" and any help/suggestions would be appreciated please?


Thank you and have a great day!




Richard S


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Hello Richard,


the "Path is non-unique" means what it says, there is more than one entry for the same scenery area.

This can be clearly seen in your helpful screen shot and you should simply delete entry number 70 and

save the scenery.cfg file.

Use the "Save as" option and save it as scenery.cfg.

Also move entry number 60 to where entry number 66 is.


If this does not remove the textures with writing on them, reinstall FTX Global Base.

Do this by deleting ORBX\User documents\Versions\FTX_GLOBAL_BASE_PACK.txt

and then running Install Product for FTX Global Base in FTX Central.

All files will be checked and replaced as necessary.

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Nick, you're awesome mate.  I have yet to install this on my new PC but am so tempted because it takes forever for P3D to come up.  I might need this thread that's why I'm commenting.  Glad you know it so well too!  Cheers!

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Good Evening Gentleman


Shoeoeoe in less than 10 min I get a popup on my screen with a reply!   You guys are awesome!


I have followed Nick's instructions to the TEEE!


Will start FSX-SE and check the correction via a flight in Southern Africa!


Have a great evening and that man Nick give him a Bell's NO maybe 7 x cases with ICE :)




Richard E



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