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Rodger Pettichord

Honorary Old Coot nomination for Nick Cooper

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Hi all. Recently, I've had the privilege of being helped by Nick Cooper to deal with flight sim mysteries beyond my ken. I've also noticed his generous and gentle but firm moderatorial oversight of this forum. I have come to think that he has the profound wisdom, the unfailing good judgment, the unflappable perspective, and the wonderful humility of the rest of us Coots. That being the case, given his many contributions to our forum, I hereby nominate Nick Cooper for the award of Honorary Old Coot. I have said it. What say ye?

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But watch out he will be keeping us in check. There will be a roll call every morning and we will have to stand to attention and only speak when spoken too. But what the hell we love the old geezer. Derek.

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4 hours ago, Rodger Pettichord said:

Having secured the necessary quorum and hearing no objections, we, the Old Coots' Club officially accept the Honorable Nick Cooper as an Honorary Member. Hip hip hooray!

I haven't seen him formally deliver his acceptance speech yet.

Nor has he announced that he was running for any position within this shady and senile gathering.

Political corruption is what is going on here.


Call for an investigation, Nick, before it's too late.


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