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I own many diff sims


P3d v3

P3D v4 


Aerofly FS 2 Flight sim (love the VR)

X-plane 11




I own the entire line of global products in Orbx


I bought a few airports no longer on the global lists, not sure if this was the right thing to do.. causing problems, it was before they shuffled the site around and I don't know if I wasted my money


Whats this new total package,, i see neitherlands, are there more? Would this improve my P3D v4 & FSX:SE experience?


Wanna take advantage of the may sale but I feel I am a NOOB when it comes to knowing what to buy.


Is there a simple way to see all the Aerosoft FS 2 Upgrades in 1 spot to see what I am missing?



... where do i go from here?


(I don't use X-plane 11 much cuz i think the clouds are terrible)



I really don't understand what to add to my Global, I bought some airports and like devils tower/monument valley but I am thinking this was a mistake as it wasn't gobal and I am really really confused about this new total package stuff.... HELP!


TY for all help in advance.. I am a mentally ill twitch streamer and youtuber.. I always promote Orbx when I'm doing my flight sims... any and all help is apreciated!





















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9 hours ago, GrumpyOldGamer said:

(I don't use X-plane 11 much cuz i think the clouds are terrible)


Have you tried using a weather addon like XEnviro?  Also, ActiveSky is coming to X-Plane in the near future.

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Personally, I feel this is a lovely post by GOG.  I can relate to you Sir perhaps albeit in a minor way.

I have FSX-SE and AFS-2 which IMHO might suit me the best in the future. I know those with P3D/4 and X-Plane etc feel their way is best but it really does fall into the suit of what fits my needs and pocket and always look to the future.  Have a look what Orbx has done to the simulating world. It has bought it alive like no company has ever done before.  That's why where they go I go. To mix and match, as you said yourself, can cause heartache and headaches that mere mortals like you and I haven't a hope of fixing ( great thanks to Nick, Doug, Richard and the many others who also come to our rescue)


You certainly are involved in a lot of simulators, although as you may not know FSW is now a finished product but is still a mighty good program for learning to fly. There's no reason why this program should not be around for a long time in the future as it has it all, for those like you and I who just want to fly.


I think you should pick a couple of sims you really like the best, make sure you follow Orbx and no one else no matter how inviting there advertising maybe.  This my opinion.  I could be wrong but you don't know unless you put some plan into action and you'll find just having to concentrate on two is a lot easier than four for the like's of you and I.  Oh, finally.  I hope amongst hope that we can always use FSX. I grew up with it, understand it better and it's just a bloody good program.


GL, GOG.  I hope to see you here for many years to come.


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