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Hi folks,

this time we will be cruising from Vancouver, Canada, all over the Pacific Ocean to Brisbane, Australia. 





Taxiing via Lima...



Lineup runway 08R



It's pitch black outside, have you got the sextant for astronomical navigation, First Officer?



*Glmps* Look, sir, the passengers of the tween deck already report the first light of day on port side, sir!



The first class reports the sun has risen, sir!



Captain went to search for his sextant, so quickly taking a photo.



A massive storm front building up on starboard



Sure wouldn't be fun to go there...



Brisbane ahead and New Caledonia astern.



Soon we are drifting down into the port of Brisbane.



Gently heeling over to starboard



There sure must be landlubbers dwelling there.



On short final runway 01



In full motion:





A long way to the international pier, sir! - Ay.



One of the dockers forgot the pushback truck right in the way of the gangplank...



Not our business. Welcome to Australia!



I hope you liked my little cruise, as always.





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Nice, long epic flight across the great Pacific Lars. I enjoyed all the shots and the approach and landing video was a nice special touch :) 

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16 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

Excellent flight and narration Lars, I enjoyed the flight.:D

Happy to hear that, thank you very much Martyn.


16 hours ago, Stillwater said:

Funny narration, Lars, and greeeeeat shots. Do you remember the ancient times when landing this bird in YBBN always caused OOMs?

Thank you Gerold, but I don't remember them since I only bought Brisbane for P v4. B) But of course I remember them with some airports like FlyTampa Toronto and everything related to NYC. It can still crash in NYC, though!


16 hours ago, Orbxtreme said:

This is an Air Canada flight, so there is no reason in the world why I would not like your post! :)

B) That's nice to hear François, thank you for your comment!


14 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Excellent flight Lars.  I simply have to try one of these long flights where I let the PC run all day or night.

Thank you Jack, you can always save your flight. Don't forget to step-climb though, and to turn off the Center Tank Pumps, and to check your fuel at your redispatch point, and to change altitude over Central Asia, and to enjoy the beautiful landscape (the last two points not being applicable to this particular flight) ;)


11 hours ago, Sniper31 said:

Nice, long epic flight across the great Pacific Lars. I enjoyed all the shots and the approach and landing video was a nice special touch :) 

Thank you very much, Landon. I'm especially happy that you like the video!


7 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Fine set of shots.



Thank you Iain!


6 hours ago, paulb said:

Super flight and narrative Lars! :)

Thanks Paul, I'm happy that you like it.


5 hours ago, mikee said:

Great Shots :)

Thank you Mike!

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