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active Germany crash to desktop not enough memory

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Another short 25 mile flight in German country side resulting in a crash to desktop.  Error message please restart FSX as you have run out of available memory.  This is happening 8 out of 10 flights.


Fair weather, reduced settings in FTX Germany FTX Central.

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Every single GES and GEN option is un-ticked within FTX Central.  This is the only FTX product that I am unable to use.  This now happens every flight I attempt.  




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OOM's in FSX are not a Orbx Product issue, your Germany product is just acting as the straw that broke the Camels back.....I am sure you are aware that OOM's in FSX are a decades old problem caused by FSX being a 32bit program....this is why 64 bit simulators are now being developed.


Please treat yourself to a Google search and/or a search on these forums using the terms "FSX" "OOM" or "Out of Memory" and you will be inundated with info and will no longer need to wait for a reply to your topic.  :)







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Hello Bob,

I've modified the NVidia inspector setting for FSX to a different setting than before.  Seems like I can fly VFR for short periods of time in the country-side, as long as I'm far away from cities.  You could try it if you read this.  I seldom post on-line at web sites,  and it's not a scientific observation by any stretch of the imagination.  I think I also un-ticked all VFR landmark ticks in the upper area, and most checks in the lower area to make Germany partly flyable. 


SoCal LAX and SanFrancisco KSFO is just as bad (for me) as Germany. 


I'm too old to make any more of an effort for this.  


8xSQ [Combined: 2x2 SS + 2x MS]

2x Sparse Grid Supersampling

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