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active Blurred runway textures and missing scenery objects

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Hello there,


it´s the first time in a forum so I´ll try my best XD


I recently switched from FSX to P3D V4 and installed all my ORBX Scenery accordingly. All went well until I installed Skagit and Swanson Airport. At Skagit the runway textures are missing I think and it´s using the photoreal textures. At Swanson Airport there are missing scenery object such as houses. There only are black shadows underneath where the houses should be. I have copied the detail1.bmp into my scenery/world/texture (as some threads have suggested) but that only changes the layout of the grass and concrete of the photoreal texture but it doesnt make the textures not blurry :(

I also have set my scenery res to 4096 and TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=4096. It also doesnt change on startup of P3D. 

I also deinstalled everything in my FTX Central and reinstalled it. Didnt work :(

So now I dont really know what to do since all my other airports worked so far.


The elevation Problem should not be that of an problem. I can fix that ;)


My System: specs: i7 7700k @4.6 GHz 

GTX 1080 Ti @ ca. 2000MHz

16 Gigs of ram





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Hello guys! 


Thanks for your replies! @Lawrence Hickerson Vector ACS does only change the elevation problem, but thats not really the real problem I have. I could change that real quick. The problems are that there are some scenery objects missing like houses etc. My FPS are at about 40-50. Also do you mean the Transaction ID by Order Number? If thats the case it´s 5acb79856677a for both Skagit and Swanson airport sceneries.

@Nick Cooper Yes I have ORBX Libraries installed and up to date. Maybe they are corrupted? How can i reinstall them, because there is no uninstall button?


Thanks for your help! 

Regards, Marc

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. If FTX Central v3 does not automatically update the libraries, you can go to

ORBX\User Documents\Versions\ and delete FTX_AA_ORBXLIBS.TXT .

Run FTX Central again and only the files that you need will be downloaded and installed.



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Ok, I know that ObjectFlow is activated in FTX Central but I dont know if it's activated in P3D. I will check that when I'm home. 

This will be on late Sunday.


I'll write back then.


Regards, Marc.

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Ok, it seems like it solved the problem with the missing houses and assets. But I still have the problem at Skagit Regional, where the runway has the grass textures.


Thanks you very much for helping me 



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I mean it should look like this and it did in FSX but as I installed it on P3D V4 I only get the blurry textures :(


It aren´t even the same textures. On the old screenshot it also had more detail as for example the tar stripes and braking stripes. It seems that the P3D Skagit only uses the photoreal textures?


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Hi Marc,


Skagit Regional is an older airport that relies on the underlying photoreal terrain for the runway markings and texture. It will never display as well as a newer airport, but some things to try:

  • Make sure "Texture Resolution" in the display settings is set to 7cm
  • Use a ground detail map that mimics asphalt or concrete, versus one that displays grass.

I'm not certain why the tar and cracks are not displaying, I think those are library objects.

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