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Hi guys & Team Orbx


One question :


Why in ASK the snow is more grey than Norway  who is more natural color ??







 Homer PAHO



 SOUTH West Homer the other side of  Halibut cove





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Hi Patrick,


A couple reasons I can think of, it's hard to say for certain which of these is most applicable:

  • The area around Hammerfest is barren, the ground textures are almost completely covered in snow. In comparison, the area in your screens in Alaska is a mix of forest and bare rock. The forest texture has shadows, variety of snow color on the trees, some bare tree trunk visible, and bare rock that is not the color of the snow. Generally forested land has a less pristine appearance than bare snow. Norway and SAK share a number of textures, particularly forest, so if you check out the forested areas of Norway farther south I would expect it to look more similar.
  • Weather, the Hammerfest shots look like an almost completely clear sky, it looks a hazy and maybe some lower cloud cover around SAK
  • Angle of the sun, based on the aircraft shadows it looks like the angle of the sun is lower in SAK than it is in the Norway screenshots.

From memory, the snow ground textures used on the runway and apron at Homer are completely white (255,255,255) or within about 10% the value. They have a little transparency in them so some of the darker asphalt does show through. 

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