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Have just bought Plum Island for Xplane and P3Dv4 and Xplane is OK but the P3D Version keeps crashing. At time didn’t have a joystick connected so could not check. I had crashes enabled but have now turned that off and all seems OK now but that still shouldn’t have happened should it. Anybody else had same. Sorry this was when going straight to 2B2 airfield. Will try again with joystick connected and see what happens. Derek.

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Just tried again with joystick plugged in and all ok with crash disabled but still crashing for some reason with crash enabled. There’s nothing near the aircraft. Apart from a mobile toilet just across from me. Trust me to choose that parking spot but can be very handy for us oldies. Derek.

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Same with 6B6, nothing near aircraft and crashes. Know some people will say then don’t enable crash detection but I like it on. Just trying on runway and crash off ok, turned it on and OK but as soon as I moved it crashed. Yep Nick thinking I will have to do that for these airports but really I shouldn’t have to. Derek.

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I am having the same issue with 2B2 and 6B6 as well as KACK (all of which were purchased this morning). I am running Prepar3D ver 4.2. I also have GSX and Ultimate Traffic Live running. I don't see turning off crash detection as an option since real world aircraft don't have that feature. The crash seems to be avoided if I load to the active runway on 6B6 but loading the active on 2B2 put me at the end of what looks to be an old dirt runway. When I slewed to the paved runway, the aircraft crashed as well and the sim reloaded back to my default starting airport. I also tried to navigate to another ORBX airport (Catalina KAVX) and did not have any problem on the ramp. I also ran the ORBX Vector HD Auto-Configuration tool but that had no affect. It would appear their is an issue with the design of these three Massachusetts airports. I was using the A2A Cherokee as my default aircraft.


Dell XPS8900. 32Gb RAM. 1 Tb SSD, 6 Tb HD, nVidia Geoforce GTX1070 8 GB VRAM. 

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I hope that Bill will reply himself.

At the moment, I don't see any other solution.

Personally, I have never used the crash detection since FSX first came out.

I see it as totally unrealistic and if your A2A Cherokee is the same as my

A2A products and features Accusim, it will do a far better representation of

the consequences of an aircraft crash than resetting the simulator to its default flight.

I can destroy undercarriage, bend the propeller, break the engine and so on, all of which

really are the likely consequences of an accident.

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With all due respect gentlemen, I have always had crash detection on and prefer to keep it that way.

While I agree that A2A does apply damage to their aircraft, I have quite a number of other add-on aircraft that do not bend, twist and break unless I leave crash detection on. For example, if I lower the gear on my Alabeo Saratoga above the permitted airspeed, the steering no longer works when I land.

All the other many ORBX airports I have work fine without forcing me to turn off the crash detection, so I guess I will just avoid flying up to Mass until this is fixed. I can always just go to Block Island, Chester, or Bar Harbor if I get a hankering to visit "Yankeeland". :)

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I'm truly confused, which isn't anything new.  Crash detection doesn't have anything to do with lowering gear above the permitted airspeed.  That would seem to be a "damage" setting, which you can set to "on" without having crash detection also enabled.


Umm...never mind.  On second look, I see that I'm mistaken about the damage setting.  Back to the drawing board......

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The IBlueyonder versions of these airports worked fine with crash detection turned on (FSX).
Since I've switched over to the ORBX versions I get instant crashes when starting up at these airports.

I'm NOT turning crash detection off. There's nothing wrong with crash detection. It only becomes and issue when scenery has  a fault.

This is a bug with the ORBX versions of the 2 products (minute Man/Plum Island and Nantucket). 
Again, these airports worked fine before I switched over to ORBX.
Could you please get development to look into this and fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance,

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The only reason I stated I had the problem is that on other forums (milviz and JustFlight) I had a problem and they gave the excuse there were no other posts on the forum with my problem so did not want to be bothered trying to help me. Just wanted to be sure you knew it was not an isolated problem. You do have much better support. Thanks

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