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B787-9 Qantas ready at PNG airport Jackson-AYPY

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Before a  flight from Papua New Guinea's International Airport Jacksons Port Moresby(AYPY) to Canberra in Australia, a visual check around the plane, a Boeing 787-9, is performed.



















Cleared for flight, passengers will boarding and attend pushback for a safe flight homewards:





The flight itself is to follow on a later to post serie of shots. Thank you for watching this sequence. 

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Well, don't think I have ever posted this comment on here before....nice inspection shots here :D Definitely not your normal captures...very cool.

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An interesting look around the 789. 

Also some wonderful glimpses of the airport, beautiful facia in the last and third last views.:)

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5 minutes ago, farman said:

Great shots, absolutely stunning. is this the QW 787 (not yet working in P3D v4)?

Hello, thank you for the positive comment. The model is freeware from TDS, also avalable in version 787-8 and 787-10. Only the cockpitviews are still a problem in v4.x

I'm in general hoping on usuable 2D & virtual cockpits for this type of aircraft. Can someone help me with this issue, thank you. 

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