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Crossing the Torres Strait for a Nice Chat

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I'd like to share a few images from my trip from AYPY to YBCS. I know that this is quite far away from Aerologic's homebase, but hey, you can always charter a freighter plane, right?


1. On the tarmac in Jacksons



2. Taxiing towards the runway



3. Climbing out, looking at the distant mountains...



4. ...as we leave Papua New Guinea behind



5. Crossing the Torres Strait with some very impressive reefs



6. The Cape York Peninsula



7. Beautiful work with the water...



8. Approaching Cairns



9. One hundred...



10. Touchdown!



11. Taxiing to the gate in Cairns



12. The ramp agents already waiting for us



13. No real cargo apron in Cairns!



14. Someone should serve those guys a coffee to their chat



15. Another bystander ehm supervisor



16. Thank god the cargo loader provides enough shadow for a nice chit-chat



17. Beautiful scenery in Cairns.



That's it, I hope you like it... I think it's amazing how seemlessly the Orbx guys "interact" with the GSX guys...



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5 hours ago, Sniper31 said:

Very nice set Captain Lars, I enjoyed the narration and pics! 


4 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

That was cool Captain Lars!


3 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Fine set of shots.




2 hours ago, TedRuby said:

Hi Buddy


The first one on the tarmac in Jacksons was superb....


Ted :-)


1 hour ago, VH-KDK said:

Excellent set Lars and some fantastic scenery from your flight.

The mountains are gorgeous.:)



Thank you all very much for the kind words, I'm really pleased that you like my shots. I think it's really quite amazing what Orbx scenery is doing. The ramp workers of Orbx were just perfectly in place to make those shots possible and interact with the GSX workers. Nothing was arranged on purpose of taking screens.



I have uploaded the video of my approach in the video section:



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