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Hi all.

Could someone inform me if there is a sequence of installation of products ex: Should I install Base Pack first, the OpenLC then Vector. 

Also is there a quick way to enable or disable these products. Example when I am flying commercial Jets at 35,000 feet I do no require all the details. 


Please let me know. 




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If I may offer an observation, it's at the flight levels where LC and Vector really come into their own.  It's LC that vastly reduces the repeating texture tiles to the horizon that you get with the default LC.  If performance is a concern, go into the Vector configuration and turn off Tertiary & Secondary roads, perhaps the same with streams and railroads, since those are the details you won't miss.

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Thanks both of you.

@Nick. Ok for the tick/untick but the redrawing is this done automaticly or do I have to redraw it myself somehow?.

@Mickel Thanks, yes performance is of concern I will give it a try. But I guess I will mostly use them when I am flying VFR in the Canadian Rockies with my Cesna 172.


Thanks again. 



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Frustration again. 

I purchased a 2TB hard drive and installed it today (since it seems the required space for package installs are classified). I went in to Orbx Central settings and set up a new library on the new HD assuming I could install the product there as I believe was mentioned in a post. When I start the Global Base Pack install the software states I cannot install it to the new library/drive I just configured. 

It’s telling me I must install it to the P3D directory.  Can anyone explain this and why I must install it in the main flight sim folder?

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