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resolved FTX Central 3 Error After Installing Scenery to P3Dv4

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As the title says really - I'm unable to open FTX Central 3 having installed all of my scenery apart from Vector. I was attempting to download Vector when this message appeared and now I can't even open FTXC3. Log provided - also please see the attached error message. Any helps would be massively appreciated as I am now totally unable to use FTX or add/remove any further OrbX scenery.





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there are a series of errors, one being that there is not enough disk space to complete the process.

FTX Central is now producing the error that seems to appear when it has been asked to do something that it cannot do.

Typically, this can be to uninstall a product that has already been uninstalled or is not there.

It could, I suppose be as the result of there still not being enough disk space.

The first thing to do is this:


and if the disk space error reappears, try this:



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