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Early morning flight into the mountains of Sri Lanka

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Obviously this is only using ORBX Global and Vector since there is no other scenery available for this area. FreeMeshX does a great job with the mountains, but oh how I wish we had some beautiful ORBX landclass and scenery to go with it! ;)
















P.S. - Sri Lanka would make a brilliant Experience Package! With dozens of tiny seaplane bases around the island and many points of interest including world heritage sites, beautiful beaches and national parks, waterfalls, you name it!


Any takers? :D

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These are beautiful images with those hazy mountains.

I did a few flights in Sri Lanka a last year and the problem is that we are so used to flying in FTX Regions and OLC that when we come across plain Global we notice the difference.

It is still a massive improvement though over default scenery and I can remember the joy of being able to fly anywhere in the world with such improved scenery.:huh:

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Thanks everyone for the comments! Yes it is a great place to fly especially VFR, but it's also a common stop along the Dubai/South East Asia routes. And the tropical setting next to the Bay of Bengal always throws some nasty weather around that area.


Global and Vector have actually made it flyable at least as you can see. But I just keep imagining it with ORBX custom landclass... Imagine seeing the tea plantations over the mountains!! :)


Ahh well i'll keep dreaming! :lol:


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