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My First shots from Eagle County - AeroflyFS2

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First off thank you Jarrad for this stunning new scenery package ; I hope you enjoy the flight mates :













With the cross grade discount I paid only 19.33 US funds . :):)


Thanks for looking !! .





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WOW!  Those are some extreme shots John, what do you mean by cross grade discount if I may be so bold! :)

Nevermind the ?, I figured it out about the time I hit the send button! :rolleyes:

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1 hour ago, paulb said:

Looking good John! :). I am slowly getting drawn into that new sim. Is it easy to set up and learn?

Extremely easy to set up and little to none on the learning curve .



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Some very nice looking shots of this new AFS2 Eagle County Airport scenery John. That bi-plane (not sure what model it is) looks right at home flying over the terrain with the sun reflecting off her skin.

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John, contrary to all the other comments, I find that there is something in the shots that do not show what Aerofly FS2 normally shows. I don't know if it is the initial set-up or what, but other than the plane, it is almost like the result of images taken with an IR filter (infrared filter) in photography. But since I am the only one who has questions about the photos, I guess I am out of order!! :huh:

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