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Escape to Catalina Chapter Two


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So, here is chapter two of Escape to Catalina. Enjoy!!


Thirty minutes after climbing out of the Texan, we were seated at a corner table in the DC-3 Restaurant inside the Airport in the Sky terminal area. A Bonanza Burger minus the onions and mayo sat untouched in front of me. The woman was finishing up her plate of Buffalo Tacos, and hadn't said a word yet. She was obviously very hungry, and I got the feeling that if I tried to touch her plate in anyway I would lose a finger or maybe even my whole hand. When she was finished, she leaned back in her chair, stared out the window for a moment at the golden hilltops surrounding the airport, and then spoke.. "My name is Cindy. If you can get me to Norway, there is someone there who can help." "Help who?" I ask. Cindy replies "Well, they are definitely aware of your help and it's not as if your plane is inconspicuous." I leaned back..."Well, it's not my plane exactly...I am only ferrying it to another location...that is what I do for a living. At least, that's what I do now." I say. "Where are you supposed to deliver the plane to?" Cindy asks. "San Diego." I reply, "And I am supposed to pick up a different plane there and deliver that one up north, to Canada....some place called Bella Coola...". Cindy ponders that information over for a few seconds, stands up, puts a couple $20's on the table, grabs her case and says "Perfect...shall we head to San Diego then?" "Listen Cindy...you've given me enough money to take you to San Diego, but that's where you and I part ways. You've told me very little, and the more I think about it, the less I know the better. The cops weren't waiting for you when we landed, so at least you're not some fugitive wanted by the authorities. That means I have not contributed to anything illegal that I am aware of. So, San Diego we go, and then it's sayonara....Cindy...if that's your real name." I too stand up, put my sunglasses on and head for the door of the DC-3 Restaurant. Cindy follows, muttering behind me "I'm no fugitive...not exactly....". I just keep walking through the door, and back out to where the Texan is parked. 





A short while later, I've had the Texan fueled, pre-flighted and we started to taxi. Cindy is settled into the back seat, this time with her 'black case' secured beneath her feet. A quick check of the weather had winds from 130 at 12kts and temperature hovering around 73 degrees F, and partly cloudy. Nice flying weather.





Headed to runway 04 for takeoff, I passed this plane which I recognized from an old friend...but last I knew, he was doing charter passenger service over the Swiss Alps. Surely he wasn't here in Catalina...I reminded myself I had more important things to think about right now, and focused on my takeoff checklist.





Lined up on runway 04, I accelerated down the runway and lifted off into the pale blue skies over the Pacific. In a short while I could be rid of this Cindy character and get back to my normal but enjoyable life of ferrying airplanes. 





As I lifted off and crossed the end of the runway threshold, a strong gust of wind nearly blew the Texan over onto her left wingtip, which would have been deadly. "Keep your mind on flying..." I reminded myself. The updraft winds at Catalina can be tricky and unpredictable.





I was not as worried about aircraft following us on this flight, as I had not noticed anyone looking at us or shadowing us in Catalina. Old skills do come in handy when you least think you need them anymore. I settled in at around 5000 feet and started to think about my next job, ferrying that DO228 to Bella Coola. That should be a relaxing trip. Maybe I can get in some good backpacking up there in Canada after that job is done.








Approaching the SoCal coast and the city of Oceanside, I prepare to turn the Texan onto a more southerly course and head down to KSAN.











As I neared KSAN Lindbergh Airport I checked ATIS, and with the winds coming from the northwest, takeoffs and landings were on runway 09. This would put me approaching from out over the ocean. I would soon be rid of my nice but mysterious passenger, and back to my regular routine. I was not due to takeoff on my next journey until tomorrow morning, so that would give me some time to relax in San Diego. Plenty to do in that city.





I circled around, and lined up for a touchdown on runway 09. It was a little windy on the final approach, but I got the Texan down nicely. 











I pulled off the runway, and yelled back to Cindy, over the roar of the Texan engine, that we should be parked and shutdown soon. 





I taxied to parking, went through the shutdown procedure, and soon enough we were climbing down out of the cockpit and onto the tarmac. Cindy had that case glued to her hand, of course, and as we walked over to the flight office, she did not say a word. Once I was finished in the FBO office where I turned in the logbook and keys for the Texan, I walked outside where I had left Cindy. She was gone, no where in sight. I looked around, but did not see a trace of her. "Hmmm, well, I guess I can go count that wad of cash she tossed to me this morning and see how much I actually earned ferrying the Texan AND a passenger." I thought to myself. Tomorrow would come soon enough, and I would be on my way to Bella Coola and cooler climes. What an odd day I had. If only one odd day is all it would turn out to be.....





to be continued in 'Breaking Contact in San Diego'



**Scenery was Orbx SoCal region, FTX KAVX Catalina airport, KSAN San Diego airport, weather by AS16 and SkyForce and the Texan by A2A. 





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49 minutes ago, Jack Sawyer said:

These are terrific Landon!  I was enthralled as it read like a spy novel.  What a brilliant idea, combining Orbx scenery with a wonderful A2A Texan, and ferrying with your story.  I look forward to the next installment.

+1 - Hey Landon - I could see Jack Sawyer playing the lead actor role of your upcoming Movie . You deserve it man , I mean your book was a NYT's best seller for months on end . :rolleyes:;):P:D



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What a great story, once again, Landon. In that novel you may combine quite a few of our beloved Orbx locations...

In the first run I did not even see the glorious screenshots, it was the narration that kept me bound to the screen. But the capturing is also remarkable!

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