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Escape to Catalina

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Okay, so I am going in a different direction with this set. Short story time...here goes:


Pre-flighting my Texan for a weekend hop from L05 Kern Valley to KAVX Catalina, when this young lady runs up to me out of breath and looking very stressed.The woman is dressed in jeans and a polo shirt, with a ball cap on and running shoes. Also, a carry-on sized black Pelican Case is in her left hand. She asks where I am headed, and when I tell her Catalina, she pulls out a wad of twenty dollar bills, tossing it to me in the cockpit. "Will that cover the cost of me riding in the back seat?" she asks. I quickly flip through the wad of bills, realize that there is at least $1000 or more, take a second look and notice something else I didn't see before...she has the look of an animal being chased...no, more like hunted. "Climb in the back seat, stow that case under your feet, and put this on." I tell her as I toss her a headset. 




I figure I can find out more of her story while we are flying, but hey, what the heck...money talks, right? I finish my pre-flight, make some adustments to my fuel calculations with the extra weight, and get my ole' Texan fired up. It's a mild day for SoCal, temp around 57 degrees F and clear skies. Should be an easy flight, with time to talk. As I begin to taxi for a runway 17 departure, I see two all black suv's pulling up in the parking area.




Of course the windows were all tinted, and of course several professional looking men and women, in dark sunglasses and suits, spill out of them. They quickly begin to scan the airport, their eyes darting all around the airport grounds. As I pulled the Texan onto the runway, I see one of them point towards my plane and shout.




More reaction then common sense, I push the throttle forward and we start to roll down the runway. I can see the 'professionals' running towards the runway as we start to lift off. This flight suddenly became more interesting...




Once airborne and settled on our general direction, I ask her why the government is after her. Her reply is terse "Those were not government personel..". My curiosity even more piqued, I focus on keeping the Texan down low, just to make it that much harder in case anyone is managing to follow us. Many questions are circling around in my head...







Sticking to the hills as much as possible caused a bumpy ride, but so far, no one was following us in the air as far I could tell. At one point I asked the lady what exactly was going on with her, and what did she drag me into, but I did not get a reply.







When I had a chance, I turned and looked and she appeared to be passed out in the back seat, sleeping soundly despite the bumpy ride. The Pelican case was clutched to her lap, not on the floor like I told her. What was going on? Up ahead I spotted one of my planned checkpoints, L70 Agua Dulce airport. Over the airfield, I began to turn south and head towards Los Angeles.



Coming out of the hills and flying over the Los Angeles basin got me a bit stressed, as there is now no terrain to hide behind.







Across the water I could see Catalina island off in the distance, only making me a bit more concerned.




The skies were clear and once out over the water, the ride was much smoother. Catalina loomed larger in front of the Texan. We just might make it without issue, and then it's time for answers, I thought. Approaching Catalina, I come in low and then climb up a bit as I approach the coastline.



I target the airfield, circle around to the south, and come in for a landing on runway 04.







Taxiing to the parking area is quick and safe as possible, the woman awakens and asks where we have landed. "Catalina, Avalon Airport." I say. 




Pulling the Texan past the terminal area, I find an open parking space and pull the throttle back to a stop. I quickly go through the shutdown procedure, and then I turn around to the woman and say "Okay lady, now you've got some explaining to do. I assume we don't have much time, so lets go inside, get a bite to eat and how about you tell me what's going."







She climbs out of the Texan clutching the Pelican case, and immediately starts scanning around. After a quiet moment, she seems to relax a bit, and replies "Have you ever been to Norway?" .....to be continued....



Okay guys, sorry if that was too much reading. If you are interested in me continuing with this story, then please let me know via comments below. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the pics at least. All the scenery was Orbx, the weather AS16 and SkyForce, and the Texan A2A. Cheers!







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18 hours ago, Stillwater said:

Not only greeeeeat screenies here, Landon, but also a Pulitzer-priceworthy narration! Please, hurry and get us the next part(s)!


18 hours ago, Bermuda425 said:

Super dope bunch of captures! I loved it!


17 hours ago, BradB said:

In your dreams mate .......:rolleyes:B):D:lol: You did seem to capture some pretty dreamy shots however . :):)






16 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

Wonderful story Landon and some super images to go with it.:)

I was sat on the edge of my seat and now I am eagerly waiting for the next exciting instalment.:P


16 hours ago, Wakashi said:

Be sure and tell us what you two had to eat in the cafe in Chapter 2!!!  Great story line so far and excellent pics to prop it up also.  :)


16 hours ago, fcmusician said:

Very interesting. Really sharp pictures too.



15 hours ago, Mr.Mugel said:

Very nice! Some intersting angles in there as well.


11 hours ago, paulb said:

Well done Landon! Good fun! :)

They could be a covert group funded by the CIA?  I wonder if the lady in red is a double agent? :lol:


10 hours ago, boetie said:

Um Landon, do you have publisher? But seriously a great Texan tribute. Thanks for the Catalina ride.




7 hours ago, Stillwater said:

Never she is, Paul, trust me. Or her. Or Jarrad!

Okay, thanks for all the wonderful comments guys. You have inspired me to continue the story, and I have already started work on the next chapter. Coming soon.....:D

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8 hours ago, andy1252 said:

Excellent, dude! Just found this! Move over, Lee Child. (oh, and great shots too!)


If you liked it Andy, make sure to read chapter 2 :) I am currently working on chapter 3, available soon.

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