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As I mentioned in my last report, a friend loaned me her 185 for to go bush flying. The weather improved after lunch, so mid-afternoon I headed back into the hills to see if I could find some of those bush strips on the Kodoka Track in Papua New Guinea.


Thought you might enjoy the few pictures I took. I was too busy aviating and navigating to take more.


Used more adrenalin this afternoon than I have on any flight in a very long time.









Many of the strips are one way in and one way out. And the two I've landed on so far are so steep that it takes gobs of power to keep her going up the hill on the way in. Short isn't the issue, steep is. 


Occurred to me that the guys landing on early carriers with straight decks must have known the feeling. Wave off early or you're committed/










Back at Port Moresby it also occurred to me that many young men, young enough you wouldn't trust them with the keys to your car, were flying around this area in the mid-'40s. Challenged by the same hills and the same weather but with no assurance that a girl they adored would walk in and say, as mine just did, "here's a glass of wine sweetheart. How does salmon sound for dinner?"



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Wonderful images and not only were these young men flying planes but they were high powered machines.

I was reading about one of these young men who was part of a Lancaster crew in WW2, average age of the 7 crew was 21!:o

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I remember the Captain of the USS Constellation (CVA-64), announcing over the 1MC how proud he was of the job everyone, ships company and air group, had done on one of the very last strikes into North Vietnam. He said it was especially gratifying given that the average age of everyone on the ship (about 5000 people) was 19!

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Great work, Tom, most of us have lost planes during our first trials here - you probably have seen all these wrecks. At least the medicine men down there are very experienced.


PS: Enjoy your dinner, well deserved you can tell her!

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Another great tour Tom, these all look like real photos in B&W.  I've still yet to master these, someday I hope but I'll probably cheat and use a helicopter.  I don't see why they don't use more choppers at these strips anyway, seems to me it'd be safer.

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