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active Double Bridges in Wash DC area

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On the potomac river surrounding the DC area, numerous bridges are doubled up after FTX vector is installed. Any idea how to just use the ones that FTX vector puts in- I assume they're more accurate. 


FTX Vector plus OpenLC North America installed. 




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This problem is down to a slight lack of attention to detail on FTX Vector's part.
It exists more or less everywhere where bridges (often nicely depicted bridges) included with the default FSX program are doubled up by Vector adding its own bridges.

Often the original FSX bridges might not be in quite the right location or be the correct length to span the river they are over IN THE REAL WORLD, but would have worked with the basic (but often inaccurate)  vector road system and coast lines depicted by default FSX. Note however that the FSX bridges, where they are provided are often superior in modelling to the very basic FTX Vector bridges otherwise (This is not a criticism of Vector's bridge model. I understand that out of necessity FTX Vector keeps things simple to allow it to cover the whole world).

The FTX Vector bridges are themselves always in the right place and the right length to match the accurately depicted roads and coast lines that FTX vector renders. BUT FTX Vector does not attempt to remove the original FSX bridges, so we end up with this doubling situation.

So what we have here is a bit of a quandary. We want the accurate roads and coast lines of FTX vector (we bought it to add realism) and we want FTX vectors bridges where FSX would otherwise have no bridges, but we also really want the properly modeled FSX bridges (but set to the correct size and position) where ever they have been provided.

It would be great if the program of effort that is fixing coastal airports (that are broken by FTX Vector's more accurate coastlines incising through them) could also look at excluding some of these FTX Vector bridges and repairing the position and 'scale' of the original FSX bridges.
Not every bridge of course, but perhaps a growing body of the most notable offenders in larger cities (particularly in the US where most of the original FSX detail was lavished).

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