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The Orbx Freeware Airport Pack spreadsheets have been updated to include the latest additions.  Enjoy   USA HERE   CANADA/SOUTH AMERICA HERE

@woodhick803 and Larry Isenor:   Just a heads-up fellas.  I'm in the process of adding the 04/19 Update to my Google Earth kmz library and have discovered that Carlyle Airport's designator s

Yes, I think so, your fellow customers will still appreciate your efforts, as we do. Many thanks.

17 hours ago, larryisenor said:

Just a request. 2 Greenland airports are in Global Freeware Airports. Could they be added to the list.


BGBW Narsarsuaq is new with the latest pack.

BGGH Nuuk was done by Neil a long time ago.




Added and thanks.

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As I was transcribing the information from your latest (4/19) list of North and South American lists to Google Earth, I came across these "errors". I can't comment as to whether they were intentional (erroneous in your references), or just typos so please don't feel I'm criticizing your efforts.


CLC2 London/Chapskie Field is in ON not AB
CFJ4 chould be CJF4 Buffalo (Jacques Farm) Airport
CD02 should be CDO2
CEB2 Early Bird Air should actually be CEB4
CYRB is in NU, not AB
CFZ4 Fort Vermillion Airport should be CEZ4 Fort Vermilion
CFJ8 Biggar Airport should be CJF8
KPGA Page Municipal Airport is in AZ not NM
KHFY Greenwood Municipal Airport is in ID not IA
KTVR Vicksburg Tallulah Regional Airport is in KS not MS
KMLT Millinocket Muncipal Airport is in ME not MA
KOLD Dewitt Field is in ME not MA
KEOS Neosho/Robinson Airport is in MO not MI
KCFE Buffalo Municipal Airport is in MN not NY
NC8/NC9 WNC Air Museum should be 8NC9
KPNC Ralph Wenz Field should be KPNA
KNPC is Poca City Regional in OK
KVJI Tri-Cities Regional Airport should be KTRI (KVJI is Virgina Highlands Airport in VA)

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