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Hello guys.


right now, I´m trying to install the FTX Global EU Airport Pack by manual download, because I´m struggling a bit with my FTX Central (Slow downloads etc.). So as the download (about 10 MB) finished, I got a ZIP file with a lot of ZIP files in a ZIP file. I really don´t know how to act with that right now at the moment. Do I have to paste them somewhere or do I have to use my FTX Central to open this file? I really don´t know, so some small instructions would be very helpful to me!


Happy Landings


By the way, I´m using : FSX Steam Edition

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This is really only a comment.  Hope useful.  Thanks Orbx team for leaving the manual download option available with FTX3 - please remain doing so - that's the reason for this note, and I hope the reasoning and feedback is helpful to you.  I first ran updates for already-installed scenery with FTX 3 doing the downloads.  It's good and certainly well-integrated, but the updates certainly took a while on slow adsl, and if you closed anything, it was start at the beginning again, as best I could determine  - even with some files showing.  I eventually pretty well had to clear up and start again.  I was glad to find this out before buyiing and trying things with any even larger download.  Then I bought Landclass South America yesterday.  Naturally because of the above it seemed well worth a bit of trouble and a few tries to find exactly how to manually download it (not end up with a small download. file) using another downloader, because (as JV said back awhile) Free Download Manager etc does a rather good job of download recovery from trouble with any connection difficulties and restarts well and helps ensure valid files eventuate.  Which as you'll well imagine, makes a massive difference to us customers.  Thanks to doing things that way in one go I've got the one big .zip file with many .zip files contained but I'm yet to install South America as it's a Christmas present from my daughter but hope it will be painless with FTX3 to unpack and apply the zip file.  The past Orbx setup-programs were good I thought and trouble-free once you had the file ready to apply.  Thanks for good products too.  But can I ask - (fearing Aus broadband will remain slow) please don't remove the manual download option as if I'm correct, it remains pretty useful, despite your stated preference for us to use the built-in option within FTX3 if we can.  Hope this observation/experience of a real user on rather imperfect old copper and adsl helps.

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