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I come from a land down under

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The spring tourists leave Down Under on a longish flight, so this needs to become a longish post. Australia time was over when they reached Gold Coast to take a regular liner up to Singapore.



My Navigation & ATC programs told me the runway was too short for a 777, so I maxed it out...


... and did a carrier-like start with TO thrust already set while the brakes were still trying their best. As you can see this worked out by far.


ATC made me climb in a 360° turn, so we can have another view of the Gold Coast scenery. In RL this flight is no longer executed by Singapore themselves, they have moved it to their cheaper daughter Scoot (do not think bad due to my wording). PMDG did not follow this move and offered only the real livery.


A little view on Brisbane...


... before my first officer takes a rest.



After 1 hour we pass Longreach, one of the possible alternates in case of trouble.



Queensland is not always green...



... as could be seen around Mt. Isa. 101 minutes from start, and just in the middle between some of my Orbx favourites.



Passing Tindal, NT.


The last views of OZ, Daly River (possibly no sharks around here)...



... and Cape Ford.



Here we pass Flores Island / Indonesia...



... and the western end of ... stop. Guess the latitude of this location!



OK, that was obvious.



Approaching Singapore over the Gulf of Tambalan...



... Johor, ...



... and into final towards the 20R.



Autopilot off...


... and here we are, ready to spend some fun days in the city.



Pictures (still) taken in FSX.

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Love it Gerold, what a grand set from your flight.

Great plane and the best airline.:D:D

Some beautiful sea in your images too especially the 6th view.:)

I fished on the Daly River many years ago, no sharks but plenty of big gekkos to be wary of.:ph34r:

Hope you don't stay away from Oz for too long!


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Thank you for watching and commenting, @Iain Emms, @Bermuda425, @lifejogger and @dolf8857!


7 hours ago, stewart1 said:

What fantastic set of screen shots Gerold well done my friend and I enjoyed your trip it was nice coming along for the ride and you have fsx looking perfect ,

I have fsx steam and p3dv4,1 I still go on fsx some times regards stewart

Thank you Stewart, yes I am quite pleased with what I achieved with FSX. Maybe this raises my expectations for P3D too high, I got heavy blurries, a CTD, and frequently corrupted dll.xml´s that cause the inflight menus to disappear. Quite a way to go...


1 hour ago, BradB said:

Snappy shots from down under Gerold , reminds me of a song :



Thank you for this video, John. An evergreen.

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On 19.11.2017 at 11:52 PM, Jack Sawyer said:

That was a perfect 777 flight Gerold.  You really know how to fly this bird, well done, loved them all and your always fascinating narrative.

Thanks Jack. I really feel fine in the virtual cockpit of this bird, though I always need a checklist to get her set-up & started.


On 20.11.2017 at 1:27 AM, Orbxtreme said:

Interesting cockpit shots, you certainly seem to master the beast!

Merci Francois, well she is big like a beast but she is not too bad. Everything after TO appears very straightforward to me, including step climbs or flight plan modifications.


On 20.11.2017 at 7:16 AM, adambar said:

Outstanding shots Gerold! :)

Thank you, Adam!


On 20.11.2017 at 7:19 AM, Sammy H said:

An epic series of shots on this wonderful journey.  Thanks for sharing!

Indeed another nice routing, be it in real life or in virtual. See the diversity of landscape (and scenery in Orbxland).


On 20.11.2017 at 1:02 PM, paulb said:

First class Gerold! It shows that there is still plenty of life in FSX! :)

Thank you Paul. It is probably the final development stage for me. Time for a change!

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1 minute ago, Stillwater said:

Thanks Jack. I really feel fine in the virtual cockpit of this bird, though I always need a checklist to get her set-up & started.

I love the planning and startup, it makes it very real for me.  Except for when I’m testing and doing goofy stuff.  

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