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active ESSA Taxiways and Jetways

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1. I Windows 10 and run PD3V4 along with a V4 PMDG 737. This is a recent upgrade. Parked at Gate B3 I wonder if the jetway can be activated to line up at the aircraft door.

I have tried the old FSX cmd, Ctr-J but his did not work.

2. I notice when running the Aivlasoft Electonic Flight Bag that their graphic presentation of the aircraft on the taxiway and at the gate is offset a little so it looks like I am on

the grass sometimes. Is this a known problem and can it be solved.

John McWilliam

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Hi John,


1. Unfortunately the jetways are static. Making them operational is still planned for a future update though.


2. It is possible that our taxiways and gates are a bit offset, but it shouldn't be more than 1 to 2 metres. I'm not sure from where the EFB reads the airport data, but is it possible that the default or some older scenery's AFCAD file is being used for that? I'll try and find out a bit more as well and get back to you :)



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